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At The Swan Group, based in Annandale, New Jersey, the primary goal is to ensure that each professional we place, and each client we work with, obtains a competitive advantage based upon our services. We have been extremely effective in achieving this goal and have been working with a number of our candidates for more than 15 years. These candidates have received multiple job placements through us, as they have moved up the career ladder.


The Swan Group ensures that each professional, prior to being interviewed by a client is met with face-to-face and engaged in an in-depth discussion about their skills, experience, and career goals. Due to our intimate knowledge of our clients and the time we spend getting to know our professionals, we are able to determine if the candidate is a fit for the client’s corporate culture.

There is an inherent need within the recruiting business for seasoned experts that will represent both the applicant and the company in a highly professional and accurate manner. One of the ways to do this is to focus on building long-term relationships with everyone that we work with. This comes naturally to us since we care about our business and making sure that we are fulfilling the needs of all involved.

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