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Brand Reputation and Candidate Experience

There are a great many things that affect an employer’s brand, however there is one aspect that is often overlooked or undervalued; companies often neglect to think about a critical influence; that of job candidates. “Candidate experience” is a buzz phrase that organizations hear but may not have an adequate understanding of. A study by [...]

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Best Available ≠ Best

When it comes to hiring great people for any organization there is a key distinction that needs to be brought to light. The difference between the best available and the absolute best. These two are simply not the same. With or without knowing it, many organizations have relegated themselves to interviewing and hiring the best [...]

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Expectations Versus Reality: Hiring Authorities

From where I’m sitting, the single biggest downfall most organizations fall victim to when it comes to hiring exceptional talent is having unrealistic expectations because of a disconnect with the realities of the marketplace. This disconnect can be as a result of misinformation or lack of information. In particular, the areas that usually show the [...]

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Expectations Versus Reality: Candidates in the Hiring Process

From where I’m sitting I’ve seen countless candidates in the market sadly miss out on great opportunities. Often times this was not because they weren’t the best candidate for the position, but rather because they unknowingly sabotaged their chances by making a mistake along the way, or maybe a few. Unfortunately there seems to be [...]

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Unique Interview Questions for Hiring Managers and Candidates

What is the point of the interviewing process? It may be slightly different depending on whether you are the hiring authority representing the company or the candidate exploring a new opportunity. In general, the goal of the company is to assess competency, fit and motivation. On the other hand, a candidate is interested in uncovering [...]

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The Human Element

Locating, interviewing and securing the very best talent is key to any great organization.  While they may be useful to leverage, they alone cannot accomplish the mission. No machine or software can ever replace the most critical element to winning the war on talent... THE HUMAN ELEMENT The process of hiring superior talent can be [...]

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The Truth About Counter Offers

You’ve interviewed for a position with a new company. The company likes you! - and makes you an offer. You analyze everything: career development, growth potential, salary, benefits, and intangibles. After some thought, you decide to accept the offer. You attempt to resign from your current company. Oops! It doesn’t go as smoothly as you [...]

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